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Right Size of Mudgar

If you had time to go through our 1st blog u can understand this wooden equipment has come a long way and has different names, shapes and sizes too.

One of the major questions that our customers have asked us is about choosing the right size of mudgar as we have a variety of it to offer. Gratitude to our customers we have a range of people varying from someone who is just starting their journey into fitness to someone who has been a pro athlete.


When we look into the concept of fitness deeper, core of it we realise all human bodies are meant to be fit, actually, we are normally fit its the lifestyle that makes us unfit. Sadly the era we are living in we have made fitness a luxury fortunately its not.

So when an athlete or a beginner comes to me to start this practice I always tell them to start with 5kgs for men and 3kgs for women. Now this is not a number that I have come up with, being into instructing people to start mudgar and myself being a student this weight is what my experience guides me to.

I have had the opportunity to train athletes who are into gymming, runners, athletes who are healing with injuries, yoga practitioners etc and also to be able to train working class people like homemakers, people working in corporate world, students and elderly people too.


After training people from different phases of life I have realised that 3kgs and 5kgs are the safest weight to start with for all.

See workout with mudgar is not static, it has multiple dimensions. With one single movement if done correctly one improves stability, and mind-body coordination, increases range of motion and mobility, it increases flexibility and strength too.


You don’t have to lift and drop mudgar hence the concept of getting a heavier mudgar falls their only. We swing the mudgar. It's like flowing the way water flows, the way a dancer moves. Hence more comfortable the weight is, more easier it becomes to take out maximum benefit out of your mudgar.

Having said that, yes one should increase the weight but not before 3months of regular practice at least, since it's not just about pumping muscles it's about developing strength within.

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