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Gada - The Mighty Mace of Fitness

Gada - The Mighty Mace of Fitness

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Unleash your inner warrior with our powerful Gada, offered in 5kg, 8kg, and 10kg options. Crafted to last, the Gada isn't just a workout accessory; it's a representation of your strength and determination.

From improving your grip to strengthening your core, the Gada is designed for durability, ensuring it stands the test of your most intense workouts. Elevate your fitness routine and make a statement with the Gada as a symbol of resilience.

This ancient-inspired equipment is crafted for durability. Choose the weight that suits your goals and embark on a fitness journey that not only challenges your body but also celebrates your inner warrior.


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"Creating your Premium  masterpiece just for you! Please expect a 4-week delivery time for your unique product, ensuring it arrives fresh and premium Quality."

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