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Shena Push-Up Board - An Ancient Tool

Shena Push-Up Board - An Ancient Tool

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Introducing the Shena, your perfect symmetrical workout companion! Use it as a stable platform to elevate your push-up game. With Shena, you can enjoy a wider range of push-up variations. Plus, it's wrist-friendly and ensures your joints stay aligned during dynamic body-weight exercises

Your shoulder's best friend during push-ups! How? By encouraging your arms to rotate externally at the shoulder joint, it ensures you maintain perfect posture and technique every time you push up. Result? Less stress on your shoulder joints, making workouts safer and more effective.

By shifting your body's center of mass upward, it adds a challenge to your push-ups, leveraging your body weight for a more intense workout. Plus, it's versatile – you can now conquer push-ups on any surface. Elevate your fitness with Shena!

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