Gada - The Mighty Mace of Fitness - MudgarClub

Gada : A Mighty mace

The Gada, a traditional mace, enhances upper body strength and grip power. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts seeking a challenging workout rooted in heritage.

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Indian Clubs - Graceful Mobility Training - MudgarClub

Indian Clubs

Indian Clubs improve shoulder mobility, wrist flexibility, and upper body strength. Perfect for all fitness levels, they offer a rhythmic and holistic workout.

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Persian Meels - The Father of all Clubs - MudgarClub

Persian Meels

Hand-carved Persian Meels target shoulders, arms, and core for dynamic strength training. Blend cultural heritage with modern fitness.

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Samtola - Traditional Indian Barbell - MudgarClub


The Samtola enhances core strength, balance, and coordination. Its versatile design suits functional training and diversifies your workout routine.

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Shena Push-Up Board - An Ancient Tool - MudgarClub

Shena Push Up Board

Maximize push-up benefits with the Shena Push Up Board. It offers stability for deeper push-ups, effectively targeting chest, shoulders, and triceps.

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Traditional Mudgar - MudgarClub

Traditional Mudgar

Build upper body strength and endurance with the Traditional Mudgar. Ideal for swinging exercises, it enhances grip, forearm strength, and shoulder mobility.

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Travelling Stick - Your Portable Fitness Companion - MudgarClub

Travelling Stick

Compact and portable, the Traveling Stick is perfect for on-the-go stretching, mobility exercises, and light strength training. Stay fit anywhere.

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