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Persian Meels - The Father of all Clubs

Persian Meels - The Father of all Clubs

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Introducing our Persian Meels: Crafted from a single piece of Mahogany timber, these unique fitness tools are designed to be used in pairs. The weight of our Persian Meels is determined by the combined weight of the two pieces.

What makes our Meels special? Each one is an original and authentic creation, meticulously handmade by traditional artisans in India. Experience the genuine craftsmanship and heritage that goes into each pair of Persian Meels.

Throughout history, it trained strength and skills for handling weapons like maces and axes.  They're like the granddaddy of all clubs, inspiring modern versions. So, swing into history and strength with the world's oldest training tool – the Meel!

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"Creating your Premium  masterpiece just for you! Please expect a 4-week delivery time for your unique product, ensuring it arrives fresh and premium Quality."

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